Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Boston Marathon - Greatness Strides By

As I stood in the sunshine on the side lines of Mile 20 of the Boston Marathon, I reflected on the journey that these people were embarking on before my very eyes.

Some wore their journeys like a badge across their chests or backs - Exclaiming to the world - "50 Marathons" or "82 Years Old".  Some jogged by with their earbuds in and eyes trained forward.  Others sought motivation and inspiration from the crowd with their eyes grazing on spectators words of encouragement.

I thought about what it takes to run/walk/jog this distance - and thought with each and every person that passed - "GO GO GO! YOU'RE DOING GREAT!"  Whatever it takes to get there, to decide you are going to do it, to show up, tie your shoes and GET IN THE RACE!  Good for all the race participants.  Whether they finished or not - they did the most important thing.  They showed up, tied their shoes and got in the race.

I was happy to stand in the warm sun and witness such greatness.

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